SWITCH V2 release news

The scheduling and test plan will follow the already defined phases in the project. Four versions have been identified in the document Switch-overview-summary-zzhao [R1].

In the first version of SWITCH (SWITCH V1), users could create an application composed out of several components. First, the application needs to be named and described, and then chosen to be private or public, but these parameters can be changed later. Different components can be linked together and users can manipulate the links so every component appear clearly on graph. The 2nd release (SWITCH V2) validates the functional components and integrated systems using case studies from SMEs. Based on the initial version that was released in 2017, we integrated the functional components from SIDE, DRIP and ASAP. An example of the SWITCH GUI is shown in the following figure. Also, the academic partners organized and attended several dissemination events while the industrial partners generally engaged with potential end-user groups for the SWITCH technology.

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