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SWITCH V2 release news

The scheduling and test plan will follow the already defined phases in the project. Four versions have been identified in the document Switch-overview-summary-zzhao [R1].

IT4RIs 2018

Time critical applications and infrastructure optimization the 3rd edition in the series of workshop on Interoperable infrastructures for interdisciplinary big data sciences (IT4RIs 18). In conjunction with Amsterdam HPC master course (HPC 2018)

Aims and scope
Real-time applications (disaster warning and response, traffic flow control, weather monitoring and forecasting, etc.) are among the most challenging applications to develop, deploy and control on distributed infrastructure but can be of great current and future value to research, industry and public safety/security. Applications that fuse real-time requirements with environmental science require the establishment of dedicated agile e-infrastructure that can provide fundamental storage and processing capacity that is able to respond effectively to time-critical events.

During the event, partners worked together on the use cases and presented live demos at the IT4RIs workshop.

More information available here.



SWITCH dissemination at the CELTIC ASUA workshop

During the CELTIC ASUA workshop, BEIA disseminated SWITCH with interested partners as the workshop had a few open networking sessions.

Celtic ASUA addresses the challenge of enhancing our everyday lives and make European cities better, safer and more energy efficient places for everyone, through advanced ICT-technologies and a modern urban automation approach.

The meeting was held between 18 and 19 December, in Leuven, Belgium.

BEIA Integration Meeting

Between the 5th and the 8th December 2017, Spiros Koulouzis (UvA), Matej Cigale (CU) and Salman Taherizadeh (UoL) visited BEIA Consult International for the integration between SWITCH subsystems and BEIA’s pilot with SWITCH, Figure 16. After the visit, the development of the BEIA use case using SWITCH was almost finished.

IBC 2017

Like in 2015 and 2016, SWITCH partner MOG participated again in the 2017 edition of the IBC show as an exhibitor.