SWITCH aims at improving the existing development and execution model of time critical applications by introducing a novel conceptual model (application-infrastructure co-programming and control model), in which application QoS/QoE, together with the programmability and controllability of the Cloud environments, can all be included in the complete lifecycle of applications. Based on this conceptual model, SWITCH provides an interactive environment for developing applications and controlling their execution, a real-time infrastructure planner for deploying applications in Clouds, and an autonomous system adaptation platform for monitoring and adapting system behaviour.


The SWITCH consortium has well-balanced partners with complementary expertise from both academic and industrial backgrounds. By demonstrating the software using diverse use cases, the consortium specifically aims at exploitation of the business potential of the SWITCH results.


WP1 - Project management and communication

WP1 outlines The Project Handbook (PHB) describes the project organization and internal procedures of the SWITCH project with regard to day-to-day communication and progress towards the timely delivery of the deliverables and within budget. It shall be used by all partners for all deliverables to the European Commission and for deliverables between partners. The Handbook describes the following procedures in the project: documentation management, repository management, project communication mechanisms, project management, a tracking system for actions. The documentation management procedure defines the standard rules and procedures with regard to the production of documentation that all partners need to apply throughout the project. It also outlines the procedure for the publication of peer-reviewed publications. The generic document template is described. The requirements for good quality deliverables are explained. Dedicated mailing lists are in place to facilitate the communication within the consortium, also regular face to face consortium meetings and teleconferences are scheduled.

WP2 - SWITCH interactive development environment (SIDE)

WP3 - Dynamic real-time infrastructure planner (DRIP)

WP4 - Autonomous system adaptation platform (ASAP)

WP5 - Software methods, tools, and use cases

WP6 - Dissemination and exploitation

The aim of this work package is to create a self-perpetuating cycle of influence making results more sustainable, maximizing their impact, optimizing investment, improving, pooling knowledge to avoid overlap of effort, and then feeding back into policy-making. Plans will be made that will specify what we intend to disseminate (the message), to whom (the audience), why (the purpose), how (the method) and when (the timing). The specific plan for collaboration, including the specific groups outside the project with which collaboration will be sought, will be detailed. The potential impact of the SWITCH on the existing market will be analyzed. It will cover the analysis of current market factors that can influence the take-up of the SWITCH. A market watch for products/services similar to SWITCH will be executed. The general objective is to ensure a promotion and exploitation of the proposed innovations, including 1) Disseminating the project innovations to a wide community 2) Collaborating with other initiatives 3) Communicating the project aims to the public audience 4) Identifying the main assets of SWITCH and the market for SWITCH products, and establishing a business model for the SWITCH take-up and sustainability after the end of the present project 5) Contribution to standardization efforts.