Universiteit van Amsterdam – UvA

Publish papers in the area of Software defined networking, advanced network, Real time modelling and simulation, about new programming model for time critical Cloud application. Teaching time critical applications development in Cloud the international master program of System and Network Engineering at UvA.


Wellness Telecom SL – WT

WT participation in SWITCH and the plan to include the results into their development tools will contribute to the improvement of its current Cloud Computing business and R&D innovation potential. It will enable to overcome different SaaS deployment and maintenance challenges as for example negotiating SLA requirement or minimizing the costs of services with high-peaks use of resources for real-time critical applications. By the use of SWITCH environment, WT will be able to offer more competitive cloud and smart cities solution in the market, ensuring the gain on efficiency of the resources and ensuring the proper QoE to its customers. This will improve its market position, revenue and quality. WT will expand the catalogue of services offered by adding SWITCH as a potential innovative SaaS to offer to their customers. Finally WT will demonstrate the new technology and pilot use case in relevant conferences or exhibition applying the technologies in the R&D of new products for collaborative real-time business communication platform.


Cardiff University – CU

Publish papers in the area of Distributed system, real time systems, and real time modelling and simulation, about the software engineering approach and programming model. The results will also be taught in the software engineering bachelor program.


Univerza V Ljubljani – UL

Publish papers in the area of software engineering approaches for the Cloud, new theories of self-adaptive and cooperative environments. Teaching students at 3rd degree Bologna level (e.g. in Distributed (Time Critical) Engineering Applications).


BEIA Consult International SRL – BEIA

Exploit the results of the project to the Romanian ICT industry through various channels – participation at the “International Fair of Inventions, Scientific Research and New Technologies” and “Telecommunication Day” event, Bucharest, Research papers published at different conferences organized by Universities, Workshops and Conferences where we disseminate the project activities. BEIA will exploit the results to improve the operation efficiency for the disaster warning system in potential markets such as hydrometrics or flood prevention by promoting to National Authority for Romanian Water and other environmental stakeholders. Also, we will use the technologies for further research and scale up for different applications.


MOG Technologies SA – MOG

Demonstrating the new technology and pilot use case in relevant conferences or exhibition. Participation as an exhibitor in the world leading events of the broadcasting sector: NAB and IBC disseminating the knowledge acquired in the project. Organization of masterclasses in the European Broadcasters Association (EBU) regarding the optimization of workflows through time critical cloud applications. Participating in NEM ETP forums and conferences. Applying the technologies in the R&D of new products for Cloud virtual directing and broadcasting live events.