Project status

The scheduling and test plan will follow the already defined phases in the project. Four versions have been identified in the document Switch-overview-summary-zzhao [R1]. The release of the first version of SWITCH (SWITCH V1) is scheduled in January 31, 2017.

Some efforts have been made to research and build monitoring systems that focus on network-based measurement of Cloud environments. Also, the academic partners organized and attended several dissemination events while the industrial partners generally engaged with potential end-user groups for the SWITCH technology. During the first European Commission review, a demo of the SWITCH architecture and GUI was presented.

The SWITCH GUI as presented at the European Commission review allowed users to drag components onto the workspace, as well as manipulate and resize them. The component’s values could be edited and the whole project raw code was displayed on the right side of the screen. Different components could be linked together and users could manipulate the links so they could appear clearly on graph.